On art and the creative process

In early December, 2008, I published the first of a regular series of articles on art and creativity in the on-line newspaper The Vancouver Observer.   Sometimes I write about sculpting, sometimes about science, writing, or other pursuits, but always, in some way, about creativity.  Sometimes I invite others to write. 

The columns are listed below.

Photo by David Shackleton.  It seems to me that this particular image of me talking is particularly appropriate for a collection of my ruminations, reflections, and recollections about art and creativity.  It isn't that I talk all the time, but once you get me started on something, sometimes it's a while before I start winding down.

January 2010

January 9  Trusting the Process.  Guest column by painter Cora Li-Leger.
January 2  Happy New Year!  Reflections on columns of the last year, and projections of the year to come.

December 2009

December 8  Some of what I love about sculpting.  An illustrated poem about my love of sculpting.

November 2009

November 28  Whether to laugh or cry about Telus.  A rant about poor service.
November 15  Creativity: The case of Gerald Gass.  An example of creativity in a young entrepreneur.
November 4  Creativity: The case of Liz Lerman.  

October 2009

October 25   Creativity: The case of Emmett Schanfarber.  An example of creativity in a young entrepreneur.
October 9  What is creativity?  Reflections on my own sources of creativity.

August 2009

August 28  The Last of the Caran d'Ache.  
August 4   Diaper-changing behaviour of robins.  Reflections on the nesting behaviour of robins.

July 2009

July 22    More thoughts on creativity.  Reflections on huckleberry picking and homemade ice cream.
July 13    The Deep Meaning of Creativity.  Reflections and observations on the creative forces of nature.

June 2009

June 21    Further Reflections on Interviewing. More thoughts about interviewing.
June 13   In Praise of Sheryl MacKay and the CBC.  About my radio interview with Sheryl MacKay for the CBC-1 program North By Northwest, to be broadcast June 14.

May 2009

May 30    Discover my separate forms.  Poems and images for an exhibition of my sculptures opening today at the Petley Jones Gallery.
May 29    Discover the integrity of my form.  Poems and images for an upcoming exhibition.
May 28    Touching with your fingertips.  Poems and images for an upcoming exhibition.
May 26    Find yourself in my light.  Poems and images for an upcoming exhibition.
May 24    Touch me.  Poems and images for an upcoming exhibition.
May 19    Nature's little squeegees.
May 12    What a waste!

April 2009

April 22    Here's looking at it.
April 13    Help!
April 1      What is it going to be?

March 2009
Mar. 22     What a relief!
Mar. 15     Lee Gass Gallery shows work of scientist turned sculptor.  Review by Tom Graff.
Mar. 4       Methods of creation: Looking Up.  

February 2009
Feb. 7       Abandoning abandon: Dancing science.  Guest column by Mark Winston and Gail Lotenberg.

January 2009
Jan. 23     The case of John Steinbeck.
Jan. 13     The case of Gerhard Herzberg.  
Jan. 11     The case of Michael Ondaatje.
Jan. 5       Heavy rocks.
Jan. 4       Methods of creation.

December 2008
Dec. 15     The work of Michael Binkley.
Dec. 8       Thoughts on the Creative Process.