In Love and Soaring (Stone Original)

The sculpture began as a simple intellectual exploration of a mobius strip; a geometry exercise.  As the form developed, it acquired a shape, message, and heart of its own and became a valentine. 

The valentine side of the sculpture is In Love, and the other side is Soaring.  In addition to expressing the experiential quality of love in my life when I carved it, the sculpture soars for me now in two ways. 

 When I view it as an outside observer, it thrusts up and away from its connection to the base, even while remaining rooted, and appears ready to take off into the sky.  As a concept and a guiding principle, thrust appears again and again in my work.  Look for it.

When I imagine riding over the sculpture's surfaces at high speed, as on a motorcycle racing over a vast, curving landscape, I have the bodily sensation of soaring.   

The stone original of In Love and Soaring has sold, but a limited edition in bronze is now in production.   I dream of seeing this form "writ large" in an outdoor environment, towering over the heads of its viewers.

Check out the laser videos of the pattern for the bronze version here.

Photos by Lee Gass.