Red Recursion II

Red Recursion II will actually be two sculptures, each carved from the same block of travertine as Red Recursion I, identical in size and shape except mirror images of each other.  The Red Recursion II sculptures are transformed from Red Recursion I, stretching them upward and elongating them to nearly twice their height without substantially changing their other dimensions. To my eye, the elongation reduces the feeling of self-reference and recursion that I started with in Recursion, although the design is still circular in the same sense.  This shift moves Red Recursion into the family of forms that characterize my Anima series and the sense of nurturing that some of them afford. In particular, see Anima I, Anima II, and Anima III.

Here is how I performed the transformation.  Several years ago, I digitized Recursion in Rhino 3D modeling software, using the Microscribe digitizer (for another example of how I used this technology in sculpting, see Girlchild Reflected in Her Mother's Eye).  I could edit the resulting 3D model, study it in detail, transform it in various ways using tools built into the software, and display it with photographic realism if I wanted.  I stretched the original model upward as I described above, reflected it horizontally to produce the mirror images. then constructed a virtual environment in which to display them.  The resulting image, of the two forms plated in polished gold and lighted as if in an imaginative gallery, was produced in the Rhino plug-in renderer, Flamingo. 

Photos by Lee Gass and Lucretia Schanfarber