Heart of Anima

This latest Anima, the sixth so far in the series, is special to me in many ways.  

As an Anima sculpture, it integrates my sense of masculine and feminine energies better than any of those that preceded it.  To my eye at least, it retains more of  the feminine that is the heart of Carl Jung's theory of the male personality: the anima.

The stone itself is special, partly because we found it while excavating for my studio in 2004.  From the beginning, it spoke to me of the form it now occupies, although I didn't immediately recognize it as Anima.  

The moderately metamorphosed, very dense fine-grained basalt supports incrediblly sharply-defined edges, broad, sweeping, highly polished surfaces, and two sharp points that could hurt you if you were careless.  Surprising me when I found it, a white "heart" of zeolite, with a core of rusty red, resides at the very heart of the sculpture.  Miraculously, the zeolite "works" for the design, strengthening it, and of course it suggested the title.  

Sometimes, surprises are wonderful.

Perrin Sparks' pastel painting at the top of each of these pages shows me wet-sanding the two concave faces of this piece with rough diamond sandpaper backed with leather to stiffen it.

Photos by Lee Gass.