Anima I

The sculptures I think of as Anima began with a dream. Actually it was two dreams, two weeks apart and unrelated in any obvious way.  The sculpture was just a shape at first, and a set of feelings.  But as the shape developed into a form, the feelings tuned themselves into something I could learn from.

The complete story of the Anima series is for another time, and for another occasion.  Maybe I will tell it out loud.

For now, I'll just say that I often hear that these sculptures express strongly feminine or strongly masculine energy, and rarely do I hear anything in between.  Some people evidently see both kinds of forces at the same time, but not me.

When I realized this sculpture could be seen as masculine, I was astounded.  I was doubly astounded when I realized that the man who told me this  (and it has always been a man so far) meant it not only figuratively, but in terms of explicit male anatomy.  He had to explain it to me!  

And it was really shocking to realize that he was angry.  He shouted at me in a very public place about the obscenity and indecency of displaying male genitalia in public!  After the shock, it  amused me that anyone could think about this piece of my Grandpa Dale's walnut tree this way.  

Photo by Richard Trueman.