Anima IV

A rock on a beach called out to be collected.   Sitting in my stoneyard, it hinted at what it should become.  When I didn't take the hint, the barnacle-covered boulder veritably SCREAMED at me to make an Anima of it.  

And so I did.

Aside from anything this sculpture may mean to anyone - - including me - -  or what we may think or feel about it, making it was an experiment in resolving forms and textures in salt-and-pepper granite.  

What would it be like to reveal a darker, smoothly concave and highly polished surface on the inside of the boulder (which no one had ever seen) within the vastly rougher but still smoothly convex exterior that I "saw" on the beach?  

Could I marry the work of a pneumatic hammer, literally pounding  the rock into sand and gravel, with a finer, gentler, more integrative rubbing away of the inside, generating only dust and mud? 

Could I make the edge sharp enough to define the inside surface perceptually without crumbling it away?  Would the stone be strong enough?

As I carved, I wondered:  Will the inside surface reflect light and sound?  How well will it focus them?  In what directions?

I made the red lines with a laser beam that I use to understand forms and find their "ugly parts".  Each of those thumbnail images is actually one frame of a movie of Anima IV rotating in the laser light.  

Soon you'll be able to see this and other movies here on my website.  Stay tuned!.

Photos by Lee Gass