Anima V


Like Anima IV, Meditation is an experiment in form and texture.

Unlike the other stone, the matrix of this granite is dark.  Its small white crystals are longer than they are wide, and are oriented vertically in the sculpture like a school of fish, lending thrust to the design.  Also in contrast, the outside rather than the inside surface is highly polished, the inside is smoothly curving but neither polished nor really even sanded, and the edge is much finer than in Anima IV.  It is almost sharp.  

Working with these elements, I tried to express something of a meditative state that came fully together for me only as I designed the base and the meditation mat..  And the background of the pictures makes me remember meditating on a mountaintop in the Trinity Alps, where I studied hummingbirds for many years.

For some reason that still escapes me, leaving the inside so rough was hard for me to do, emotionally.  Maybe a new reading of Carl Jung will explain it for me.  But the soft, almost velvety feel of that inside surface makes me very glad I did leave it rough.  

Photos by Lee Gass.