Arabesque II

This sculpture is very loosely modeled on Arabesque I,  which I borrowed back from its owner, intending to copy it  in marble at a larger scale.

This was during a year when my young daughter Susan studied ballet in another country.  Indirectly because of that, the sculpture that developed was very different.  

We talked every night on the phone.  Not surprisingly, dance was relatively high on our list of discussion topics.  Susan's verbal descriptions of balletic movements were exciting for me to listen to because of the "movies" they engendered in my mind.  Between conversations, I continued to visualize the movements.  I imagined Arabesque as a perfect moment of perfect balance that can stop motion choreographically, like punctuation.  What inspired me most, though, and what I tried most to convey in the carving, was what it feels like to perform the movement. both in practice and in public.  

The sculpture has been balancing on a nylon peg for 21 years.  A bronze series in production.

Photos by Lee Gass.