Dream Person II

During the same period when Anima was simmering in my mind and in my psyche, so was Dream Person.  After 5 years of simmering, I began carvingt the same form in marble at twice the scale.  In one of the images posted here you can see both sculptures from several perspectives.

Something about the stance, and the movements and forces that it implies, stimulates my imagination and invites me to explore them in daily living, to discover them again and again in what I see and what I do.

This process of living with the sculpture (with the series of sculptures, for there are now three of them) is a wonderfully engaging way of living with the dream that spawned the first Dream Person sculpture.  It clarifies itself, recursively, year by year, but remains on the deepest level a mystery to me.

This is what it means to me to say that art-making can be therapeutic.

Photos by Stuart Dee and Lee Gass.