Torso in Motion

View 360 degree laser video of Torso in Motion

This third Dream Person sculpture, begun 10 years after the second and completed 20 years after (I had no place to work on such a large piece of granite) was to be twice as tall as the second in the series, just as the second is twice as tall as the first. The next doubling would take it to human scale.

The night I finished polishing the granite but before I had developed the base, I dropped the sculpture on the floor and it broke in to four pieces, taking a large chip out of my concrete floor.   The lower body is what you see here, and the head is now Holding Firm at 65.  I still have the other two pieces and plan to use them.

For an article about this very strong, economically valuable black granite that is used in the electronics industry, click here.

Photos by Lee Gass.