African Head and Looking Up

African Head

Soapstone, onyx.  1982.  6" high with base.  Private collection.

I was so inspired by the music of a troupe of African drummers at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival that I began carving African Head then and there, sitting in the sun on the grass.


Looking Up.

Soapstone and marble.  1982,  6.5" plus base.  Private collection.

This was an early attempt to express motion, and especially torsion, in an abstract human form.

This piece of soapstone came from within shouting distance of the house I grew up in, near Mt. Shasta in northern California.  My brother Gerald gave it to me.


Fertility God.

Brass zipper pull, rosewood.  2.5" plus base.  Private collection.

I found a large, heavily corroded brass zipper pull on the beach, glued it to a piece of rosewood, and named it.

End of story.


Photos by Lee Gass.