Pink Torso

My challenge in representation, I think, is not so much to depict the way a body IS, as to express how it might feel to live in it. 

In this first attempt to have it both ways, I succeeded only in minor ways (I like the back).  I learned a lot about carving and a little about anatomy, and was happy when the piece sold quickly from a gallery.  

Having it both ways - - being accurate enough to be credible and at the seme time expressing the dynamics of actual or potential or metaphorical action - - artists have struggled with this core challenge for centuries. 

What and how to abstract, whether to abstract, what to leave in or take out, and particularly what should go where in relation to what. These are important questions, not easily answered either in general or in any particular case.  

This challenge is as difficult for me today as in 1985. Recent examples are Heart of Anima, Torso in Motion, and the bronze edition of Listening to the Wind.  They exhibit different kinds and degrees of abstraction and were executed in very different media.  In all three cases, however, I tried to express both kinds of essences.

For me this is seductive work, by which I mean that it seduces me.

Photos by Lee Gass.