In Love and Soaring (Bronze)

The sculpture began in stone, as a simple intellectual exploration of a mobius strip; an exercise in geometry.  As the form developed, it acquired a shape, message, and heart of its own and became a valentine.  One side of the sculpture is In Love, and the other side is Soaring.  In addition to expressing the experiential quality of love in my life, the sculpture soars for me now in two ways. 

It thrusts up and away from its base, even while remaining rooted, and appears ready to take off into the sky. When I imagine riding over its surface at speed, as on a motorcycle on a vast, curving landscape, I have the bodily sensation of soaring.   The hills and valleys of the piece "mean something" in my bones; in my meat. Something similar happens when I explore the form with my fingertips.  It is sensual and exciting, and a bit surprising because of the mobius effect.

I dream of seeing this form "writ large" in an outdoor environment, towering over the heads of its viewers.

View animated videos of the model of In Love and Soaring that I used as a pattern for bronze casting.  In Videos 1 and 2, a structured laser scans back and forth across the same small part of the surface at two stages of the development of the form (Jan. 4 & 10, 2009).  Comparison of the videos demonstrates the evolution of the form during that time (Video 2 is rotated 90 degrees clockwise from Video 1).  In Video 3, the nearly completed pattern continuously rotates in the field of laser light.

Video 1 | Video 2 | Video 3

Photos by Lee Gass.