Magic Mushroom

Assembled from two unidentified stones from the beach, Magic Mushroom is indeed magical in many ways.  

The mushroom's stem is among the most intensely coloured reddish-brown stones I have ever seen.  I have no idea what it is, geologically, but it is very hard, resistant to abrasion, opaque, and supports an unusually high polish.  It is of a quality that at the same time appears deep, as if allowing us to see far into its inner substance, and, through its surface, reflects a perfectly coherent if geometrically warped reflection of its environment from every perspective.  Yet it is opaque!

The mushroom's cap balances delicately on a sculpted brass pin and wobbles or rotates gently at the slightest touch.  The stone is a relatively uniformly distributed field of small beige fragments embedded in a dense, dark green matrix.  

The colours of the two parts are powerfully complementary, each evocative of the rainforest in its own way and each suggesting qualities of forest decomposers such as this mushroom.  Above, growth and reproduction.  Below, death, decay, and the possibility of regrowth.  

It is a captivatingly suggestive sculpture.