Heroes, Masters, and Wizards
 This section of my website is devoted to individuals who have stood out, in my view, as singularly good at what they do. Beginning early enough in my life that the term “hero worship” could have its full meaning and continuing with almost that intensity to the present day, such larger-than-life individuals have influenced me greatly. In many ways, I have attempted to emulate them in my own living, hopefully allowing them to influence, in turn, those with whom I have interacted. The essays I will present here are an attempt to spread their influence more broadly.

Some of these people are my relatives, and some are colleagues, friends, or people I knew only briefly and never saw again. In every case, though, their lives are remarkable for the intensity of their engagement in the task at hand and their clear dedication to achieving the highest possible levels of performance.

Buzz HollingHolling.pdf
For the last 30 years, Buzz has been my scientific hero, my sculpting colleague, and a dear friend. For considerably longer than that, he has been one of a handful of people in the world who have most significantly influenced the development of ecological theory and its application in nature, society, economy, and everyday life. In November 2008 he was awarded the prestigious Volvo Environment Prize in Stockholm in recognition of this work.  
Saw Filer Guy.  Saw filer.pdf
Many years ago I met one of the world's five best professional saw filers.  Here is the story of how he got that way, both his version and the one that emerged out of our conversation.
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• Georg Schmerholz
• Fred Keppel
• Herb Dillingham
• Alistair Blachford
• Woody Coward
• Lucretia Schanfarber