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posted on October 27, 2016 | Sculpture and Art, Podcasts & Videos
The Granite Madonna


One frame of a video of
The Granite Madonna
by Mark Wunsch.

Explorations of the form
of a stone.
In 2011, Quadra Island
videographer Mark Wunsch and
I began to work together on a large-scale
public education project about nature that
we call CoastAlive, still in development.
The idea of the video grew out of
those conversations. 
I’ll introduce
and his video.

Mark Wunsch
has a PhD in marine biology
and is an expert underwater cinemato-
grapher, media producer, and  public educator
who makes his living as
GreenCoast Media, where
he produces a wide variety of superb documentary
projects, most of them related to sustainability
research, sustainability efforts, and
aboriginal culture
the coast. 

I am
extremely fortunate
that Mark agreed to film and produce
The Granite Madonna.  It and its sister video,
Reflections of the Granite Madonna,
from the same footage and
still in production,
are amazing.

Edited January 2019

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