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posted on December 8, 2009 | Sculpture and Art
Some of What I Love about Sculpting

Ode to Joy
In progress, midday.
December 5, 2009.


Some of What I Love
about Sculpting

The sunlight told
me to stop grinding and
take the first photo, and as soon as
I could clean the dust from my hands
I did.
Words came later, as I wondered
what those images might say about
love of carving stone and
what I might say about
those images.


 Some of what I love
about sculpting is that every
minute of every hour of every day
of shaping stone 
offers so much to
see and touch and feel.  So
much to experience.


Colours.  Shapes.  Movements.
Changing forms. Perspectives. Textures.
Dreams.  Fantasies.


And when I am
a hawk, exploring the dimensions
of a form as I carve it, changing it stroke
by stroke, s
pace and time recede
and I’m in another

I am in
all mountains,
in all seasons, 
imagining all of that
into being.




Dust avalanches
thunder down slopes.  T
Architectonic tempers.  T
he grinding
of glaciers and rivers
and wind-
borne grit.

The genesis of topography.




In February 2019,
I included readings of this
story and
The Quality of the Light was
at the end of a slide show,
Art in the Garden, at the Baynes
Sound Garden Club.

First published in the Vancouver Observer.

Edited March 2021

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